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Yaşıl Bakı

“Yaşıl Bakı” – “Green Baku” compulsory and voluntary property insurance product of PASHA Insurance is environmentally friendly. This product consist of 3 packages: Plane tree (Çinar), Linden tree(Cökə) and Olive (Zeytun) tree. In accordance of chosen package, the insured receives insurance coverage.

It should be noted that whenever the insured receives any of these packages, a tree will be planted according to the package of the purchase. Every 6 months employees of PASHA Insurance will count the amount of sold packages and plant trees accordingly.

Waste and Recycling

In order to give its contribution to prevent destroying forests and climate change, a year back PASHA Insurance has started its recycling paper project. Papers used at PASHA Insurance offices are collected in recycle boxes and handed to paper recycling factory. This way, PASHA Insurance prevents wasting paper and takes its responsibility for the environment. There were recycled around 500 kg of paper for a period of year by PASHA Insurance. Project is being enthusiastically supported by PASHA Insurance team and is ongoing.