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Compulsory Insurance

Why you must insure your property?

Flooding, fire, landslide, lightning and mainly earthquakes (considering that our country is located in tectonic area) and other catastrophic incidents are not rare in Azerbaijan. In order to avoid huge loses as consequences of such natural disasters it is a must to insure your property as it is one of the most valued material benefits that we have.

Comfortable life in Insured City

For every one of us our city is a big home and we all deserve a peace of mind for our homes, villas and business properties. It is very hard to predict potential incidents that may happen and at the same time it is our duty to eliminate all possible outcomes of such accidents. Helping those in need in times of difficulty is one of the main values of Azerbaijani people.

Based on this value “PASHA Insurance” calls up on everybody to insure their property.

Mandatory Property Insurance within “Insured Baku” Campaign

Main objective of Mandatory Property Insurance is to provided “Pasha Insurance” cover of the damage caused by fire or other incidents.

Insurance amount, deductible and cost of insurance for private house and flats

The table below shows the conditions for insurance of private property in Baku:

Cost of Insurance50 AZN
Duration of Insurance1 year
Amount of insurance25 000 AZN (complete cover of damages up to 25 000 AZN without deductible)
Deductible250 AZN

Ganja, Sumgayit and Nakhchivan cities:

Cost of Insurance40 AZN
Duration of Insurance1 year
Amount of Insurance20 000 AZN
Deductible200 AZN

Other cities:

Cost of Insurance30 AZN
Duration of Insurance1 year
Amount of Insurance15 000 AZN
Deductible150 AZN

Incidents listed below that caused damage, destruction or loss in any ways are covered by insurance:

  • Fire, Lightning
  • Gas explosion in household or in production
  • Electric cable shortages
  • Explosion of gas chambers, gas lines, machinery, apparatus or any other similar equipment
  • Accidents in heating, sewage, water lines and fire prevention systems, flooding
  • Collapse and destruction
  • Accidents with on ground transport
  • Natural disasters: earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tornado, hail, landslide

Benefits of insurance in “PASHA Insurance”

  • Payout in short time
  • 24 Hour guaranteed customer service
  • Reliable and leading insurance company in the country

Damage, loss or complete destruction as a consequence of the below mentioned incidents is not covered by insurance policy:

  • Deliberate actions of the insured and beneficiary of the insurance policy
  • IN case of using industrial fire in repair and production works
  • IN case of robbery during or after the incident
  • Changes in underground water levels
  • In case of leakage from water pipes caused by freezing, collapse, gradual deformation, repair works on pipes and reservoirs, changes in location and sizes

Law on Mandatory Property Insurance

“Mandatory Property Insurance” is included in the Second Chapter of “the Law on Mandatory Insurance of Azerbaijan Republic”

According to Article 35.2 of “the Law on Mandatory Insurance of Azerbaijan Republic” all buildings, private houses and flats in possession private and legal entity, and also property belonging to the state bust be insured

In accordance with the Decree of The President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev changes were made into the “Charter of Local Executive Powers” and supervision of execution of “the Law on Mandatory Insurance of Azerbaijan Republic” was given to Local Executive Powers.

According to “the Law on Mandatory Insurance of Azerbaijan Republic” buildings constructed in forbidden areas, those with orders from state or local executive powers to be demolished, unfinished construction and wrecked buildings cannot be insured.

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