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The reinsurance program developed by the leading experts in this area guarantees the reliability of insurance contracts with PASHA Insurance.

Representing insurance coverage, underwriters of PASHA Insurance do not only assess risk covered by the insurance, but also evaluate opportunities for risk retention or further reinsurance.

Carefully developed policy of reinsurance protects financial interests of the clients as well as of PASHA Insurance. Reinsurance programs with leading world insurers provided by PASHA Insurance and the financial resources of the company guarantee effective management of your risks.

PASHA Insurance actively uses the scheme of reinsurance both on facultative and on obligatory basis.

In November 2015, “PASHA Insurance” signed its first non-proportional obligatory reinsurance contract of property / construction - installation, cargo, and liability types of insurance. The contract has been signed with Europe's largest and highest rated companies, such as "Hannover Re", "Trust Re", "Polish RE", "SCOR". Respectively, the contract is able to manage risks up to 20 000 000 AZN. Under this program, "Hannover Re" is presenting as a leading underwriter.

In March 2016, PASHA Insurance renewed its disproportionate bond reinsurance contract for property / construction-assembly, cargo and liability insurance. This agreement allows you to bear the risks up to AZN 30,000,000 and automatically reinsure the accepted risks in the world's leading, largest and highest rated companies Hannover Re, Trust Re, Polish RE. At the same time, under this agreement, PASHA Insurance has maintained a high level of stability for itself and its customers by insuring its portfolio against catastrophic risks in the amount of AZN 60,000,000.

Based on the facultative and obligatory reinsurance, PASHA Insurance guarantees quick, effective and reliable protection of your risks.