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This insurance is the insurance for the animals, providing for implementation of the insurance payment in the framework of full or partial reimbursement of the property interests of the insured when the animals were destroyed in the result of disease, accident or other cases, or when injured.

According to the type of insurance, cover is provided to below mentioned animals;

The animals that may be insured and their age limits:

  • from 1 up to 12 years old (including 12) horse, donkey and mules;
  • from 1 up to 9 years old (including 9) cows, oxen;
  • from 1 up to 14 years old (including 14) buffalos;
  • from 1 up to 4 years old (including 4) local and merinos sheep, angora goat;
  • from 6 months up to 3 years old (including 3) swine;
  • from 1 up to 8 years old (including 8) house, hunting, guard and shepherd dog;
  • during the long-term insurance, if the insured animal reaches above the maximum age for a period of insurance, the insurance indemnity is annulled.

The insurance cover includes the damage and losses caused in the result of following cases:

  • all kind of ordinary and infectious diseases, pregnancy, birth, gelding or conduct of surgery operation;
  • all kind of accidents, attack of wild animals, intentional poisoning by outside persons, wounding or crippling, poisoning from forage;
  • freezing, swallowing wire, nail, stone and other solid and piercing substances
  • storm, thunderstorm, earthquake, flood land slide;
  • damages caused to the insured for perishing of animals including compulsory slaughter in the result of fire or explosion. (damages related to the death of animals due to fires or explosions, including the forced culling)