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User Agreement

Please carefully read the below terms and conditions, which are mandatory for all users of the Mobile Application. Please note that if using the Mobile Application, you agree to the terms and conditions hereof in advance.

The Mobile Application called “PASHA Insurance” is intended for personal use only and does not impose any legal or contractual obligations on PASHA Insurance Open Joint-Stock Company.

Access to the Mobile Application and the services offered thereunder may be limited to individual persons or countries. PASHA Insurance OJSC shall not provide services to persons if the use of the services offered is prohibited by the laws of the country of their citizenship or any other country applicable to them. However, these persons are required to define in advance whether their legal and financial status allows using the services offered under the Mobile Application.

Definitions Used Here in

  • PASHA Insurance means a local legal entity appropriately licensed to perform insurance activities, which is a party to an insurance contract who undertakes to pay insurance benefit according to the compulsory insurance legislation or the contract if an insured event provided for under the insurance contract occurs;
  • User means all individuals and legal entities that accept the terms and conditions hereof and use the services offered under the Mobile application.
  • Service means services offered by PASHA Insurance to the User through the Mobile Application,
  • The agreement means this User Agreement,
  • Parties mean PASHA Insurance and the User,
  • Mobile Application means the PASHA Insurance application owned by PASHA Insurance OJSC and available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • ‘You’, ‘your’ means a person who has received the right to use the Mobile Application
  • PASHA Insurance, ‘we’, ‘ours’ means PASHA Insurance OJSC.
  • PERSONAL DATA means data containing personal and insurance secrets.


PASHA Insurance can make changes and amendments to the text hereof and the Mobile Application, limit, temporarily suspend, or completely terminate their operation without prior notice. These general terms and conditions determine the terms and conditions providing the User with the right to:

  • Get Mobile Application
  • Use the services offered


Registration: Upon acquiring the Mobile Application, the User shall create a personal account by registering. During registration, you should enter the IIN of your Certificate of Identity and your mobile phone number. A message with a personal and secret password will be sent to the mobile phone number entered. The User shall solely be responsible for the confidentiality of passwords.

According to the terms and conditions hereof, Pasha Insurance hereby grants the User the right to access and use the Application provided the User has an active account in the Mobile Application. The User shall be responsible for ensuring the security of equipment using the Mobile Application and the personal account passwords and undertakes to implement reasonable methods to prevent their unauthorized use. Any unauthorized use should be immediately reported to Pasha Insurance.


The use of the Mobile Application is free.

The expenses associated with the use of the telecommunication network shall be paid by the mobile network user in the manner prescribed by the provider.

The User shall be responsible for paying the expenses required by the telecommunication service provider.

PASHA Insurance shall not be responsible for any damage that may be incurred due to the absence or mismatch of the telephone, information, or software environment, or Internet connection, which does not allow access to the Mobile Application.


When the User uses the Mobile Application, the PASHA Insurance web server automatically records the below data:

  • IP address
  • Website redirecting the User to the Application;
  • Type of browser used;
  • The Application sections used;
  • The Application using date and duration.
  • Also, some personal data will be collected and processed:
  • Surname;
  • First name and patronymic;
  • Address;
  • Gender;
  • Contact details;
  • Company name, Business or profession;
  • Personal data obtained may be used for but not limited to the below purposes:
  1. Regulate an insurance contract (e.g., reference, underwriting, consideration of insured events),
  2. Perform marketing research or for analytical purposes,
  3. Improve the PASHA Insurance processes, services, and products,
  4. Inform of the PASHA Insurance events, services, products, and innovations,
  5. Prevent and detect cases of fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing,
  6. Fulfill any legal obligations (e.g. tax, financial, and administrative ones),
  7. Personal data will be used with the explicit User’s consent unless this consent is not required according to relevant laws and regulations.

In special cases, personal data may be disclosed:

To fulfill any legal obligations, and to the appropriate regulatory authority in the case of a complaint about the insurance products or services provided to the User.

  • The User reserves the right to access, modify, and process data collected through the Mobile Application.
  • Personal data may be stored for 5 (years) from the date of termination of the insurance relationship if a longer storage period is not required or allowed by the law.


The provisions hereof are binding on the User from the moment of the start to the stop of using the Mobile Application.

PASHA Insurance may limit the use of the Mobile Application by the User and close the account at any time without prior notice.


The pages, data, visible texts, information, design, trademarks, and/or logos in the Mobile Application that make up a single system with all its elements are the PASHA Insurance’s property; their partial or complete reproduction or processing by any operation or in any other way without its permit is prohibited and entails a violation of copyright.

Users shall have the below obligations:

  • Do not copy or duplicate the Application in whole or in part,
  • Do not change, modify, or adapt the Application or any part thereof,
  • Do not claim or interfere with any copyrights covered by the Application or related thereto (all property rights belong to PASHA Insurance), and
  • Do not interfere with the Application design.


PASHA Insurance reserves the right to add, amend, or exclude the provisions hereof at any time without prior notice.

PASHA Insurance shall try to regularly update the information contained in the Mobile Application. However, PASHA Insurance does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the data entered by the User into the Mobile Application.

Under no circumstances, PASHA Insurance shall be liable for direct or indirect damage that may be incurred as a result of using the Mobile Application, except for direct losses caused by its deliberate or gross error.


PASHA Insurance shall not be liable for any consequences that may affect the User’s account in case of force majeure or exceptional circumstances outside its control.

The User shall be fully liable for his/her actions or inaction, and their consequences. PASHA Insurance shall not be liable for the User’s actions or inaction, and their consequences.

The User agrees and declares that Pasha Insurance shall not liable for any damage caused by any inaccurate or erroneous information and content in the Mobile Application.

The User agrees and declares that while using this Mobile Application, products, or services, or performing any operation, he/she shall act according to the law and hereto, otherwise he/she shall be liable for any direct or indirect losses, in which case undertakes immediately compensate PASHA Insurance for the damage caused.

You should not use the Application on a modified mobile device or in the operating system, the configuration of which is not supported or guaranteed by the supplier of this mobile device or operating system. This includes jail-broken or rooted devices. The Application’s security software may detect a violation or modification of the device code, and if notwithstanding this PASHA Insurance continues to provide you with services under the Application, this shall not mean a waiver of the PASHA Insurance’s rights or legal actions or your obligations under this or another clause. For the purposes hereof, devices with a violated or modified code shall mean those that have been exempted from restrictions imposed by mobile service providers or phone manufacturers without their consent.

To the extent prescribed by law, PASHA Insurance and its legal representative, personnel, and agents shall under no circumstances be liable for any losses or damages caused by a cyberattack, interference, or other unauthorized access to the User’s computer or account in the Mobile Application.

Users cannot use the Application for any illegal, humbling, unworthy, or threatening purposes.

You shall agree to install any security updates or add-ins available for the Application and device.

The User shall be liable for all claims, losses, and expenses associated with:

  • The use of the Mobile Application by the User,
  • Accuracy of the data provided by the User to PASHA Insurance, and
  • Violation hereof and intellectual property or other rights of any legal or natural person by the User.


PASHA Insurance may unilaterally amend the provisions hereof at any time (you will be notified about this through the Application).

If PASHA Insurance notifies you of intention to amend this Agreement, you can terminate it before this amendment enters into force by deleting the program according to clause 10 hereof. If you continue to use the application after the relevant notice period expires, PASHA Insurance shall consider that you have accepted the amendment, and the latter automatically takes effect.

PASHA Insurance may amend the Privacy and Data Protection Statement, including the section on cookies and similar technologies, without prior notice. The next time you start the Application, you will be notified of any changes and asked to accept them.


PASHA Insurance may terminate this Agreement immediately in one or more of the below cases:

If the User severely or consecutively violates the provisions hereof, or PASHA Insurance suspects any of the following:

  • The User has committed or is about to commit fraud,
  • The User has no right to download the Application or his/her right to download and use the Application has changed,
  • The User does not meet the requirements of combating money laundering,
  • The User has illegally acquired, or uses, or allowed another person to acquire or use an account, service, or funds,
  • The User account is used for illegal purposes,
  • The User fails to securely store confidential information,
  • The User has committed or is about to commit a crime related to a Customer’s account.

If PASHA Insurance considers that the further implementation hereof creates a risk of violation of applicable law, regulations, rules, code, court decision, or other obligations, or applying any measures or bans to PASA Insurance by any state, regulatory, or law enforcement body;

  • Doubtful actions or fraud have been committed through the User’s account, or Pasha Insurance suspects that they have been committed, or
  • PASHA Insurance has suspended supporting the Application on your mobile device or in your operating system, or
  • The User violates the terms and conditions or stops using any product or service under the Application.

If PASHA Insurance notifies you of the termination hereof according to this clause. This can be an SMS notification, a message you receive when entering the Application, notification sent by mail, e-mail, secure email, or a user informing message, or another notification sent through the Application.

PASHA Insurance can terminate this Agreement for any other reason by notifying you at least one month in advance.

You can terminate this Agreement at any time by removing the program from your mobile device.

If the license granted to you hereunder has expired, or this Agreement is terminated for any reason, all rights granted to you hereunder will be revoked, and you will be required to:

  • Uninstall the program from your mobile device,
  • Destroy all copies of the Application and all its components.

If you replace your mobile device or transfer it to another person, you should remove the program from this mobile device.


The Application saves software tools (so-called cookies) on your device that provide security and connectivity to our systems and allow us to monitor the use of the Application and support your preferences (e.g., remember authentication data to enter the system).

To learn more about how PASHA Insurance and its trusted partners use cookies, please read this statement. By installing and using this Application, you agree to the PASHA Insurance access to your mobile device and saving cookies.


This Agreement shall be construed according to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and subject to the exclusive powers of the competent courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan.