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10 March 2016

PASHA Insurance introduces a new property insurance product

PASHA Insurance presents new compulsory and voluntary insurance of movable and immovable property by the name «Yaşıl Bakı» - «Green Baku».

This product consist of 3 packages: Plane tree (Çinar), Linden tree(Cökə) and Olive (Zeytun) tree , tariffs are determined, and everyone can purchase suitable package according to its own query.

In accordance of your chosen package you receive insurance coverage.

It should be noted that this project has a social part. Whenever you receives any of the package, a tree will be planted according to the package of your purchase. Every 6 months employees of PASHA Insurance will count the amount of sold packages and plant a trees according the the data of sold packages. Thereby you will have your contribution to the planting in Baku.

Additional advantages of this product, that our customers receive, in case of the basic living standards would not match* the requiments we will be paying 300 AZN, 500 AZN, 700 AZN monthy** in accordance with your package.

*Uninhabitable apartments is determined by insurance experts.

**The rent for the apartment apply to apartments, which repairs will last for more than three days.

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