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01 February 2017

PASHA Insurance are moving their head office to a new location.

PASHA Insurance company will serve its customers in new location.

PASHA Insurance announces that they are moving their head office to a new location – “Sahil Plaza” which is in M. Useynov, 61 address (in front of Dalga Plaza). All of the departments and/or divisions (such as, board of directors, customer services, claims and legal services department) will be located in head office.

Note that, head office of PASHA Insurance was located in L. Tolstoy 170 address, previously. Moving period will be between 31st of January and 6th of February. Starting from 6th of February, the company will be ready to serve its customers in new location.

Contact information including phone number and fax also will be changed:

Phone number: (012) 5051222,

Fax: (012) 5051221.

PASHA Insurance has been operating in the insurance market since 2006. As a member of PASHA Holding group of companies, PASHA Insurance offers 36 types of compulsory and voluntary insurance services for both individual and corporate customers. During 10 years of its activity the insurance company has indemnified its customers’ insurance claims, total amount of compensation coming out to 115 890 100 AZN. PASHA Insurance is the leader and the biggest insurer of the Azerbaijani insurance market for the amount of share capital (50 million AZN), volume of insurance premiums and compensated insurance claims and other financial and non-financial indicators.

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Citizens of our city earned CASCO Insruance discount up to 30% from PASHA Insurance.