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Motor Insurance

Compulsory Insurance

Compulsory insurance is aimed at protection of the state, companies and large numbers of populations from risks.

Compulsory insurance contract is signed by a physical or legal person, based on the requirement set by law. The law requires obligatory enrollment in life, medical or property insurance of certain categories of citizens or the property of companies. In addition, it includes liability insurance for property and other damage of individuals or companies.

Compulsory insurance is regulated by the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On compulsory insurance," and requires licensing of insurance companies involved in compulsory insurance activities.

PASHA Insurance has a license to operate on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners, compulsory insurance of real estate and compulsory liability insurance associated with the operation of real estate. The company is included in the register of the Bureau of compulsory insurance.

Purchase and the policy is available in website of PASHA Insurance. Registration can be completed online by connecting to the database of Bureau of compulsory insurance.

Insurance premiums on compulsory motor third party liability insurance

Type of vehicleInsurance Premium (AZN)
IndividualLegal entityFor a motor vehicle registered in a foreign country and entering the Republic of Azerbaijan for transit purposes (one month)
IndividualLegal entity
Cars and other vehicles produced on their basis - according to the engine size
50 sm3 – 1500 sm3506012.515
1501 sm3 – 2000 sm3759018.7522.5
2001 sm3 – 2500 sm31001202530
2501 sm3 – 3000 sm312515031.2537.5
3001 sm3 – 3500 sm315018037.545
3501 sm3 – 4000 sm317521043.7552.5
4001 sm3 – 4500 sm32002405060
4501 sm3 – 5000 sm322527056.2567.5
5000 sm3 and more25030062.575
Buses, minibuses and other vehicles produced on their basis - by number of passenger seats
9 – 1615018037.545
16 and more2002405060
Freight cars and other vehicles produced on their basis - for maximum permissible mass
3500 kq and more15018037.545
3501 kq – 7 000 kq2002405060
7000 kq and more25030062.575
Trailers and semi-trailers25306.257.5
Tractors, motor vehicles used in road construction, forestry and agriculture506012.515
Trolleybuses and trams100120