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10 March 2017

BUY compulsory motor insurance ONLINE with www.pasha-insurance.az.

To realize the online purchase of the compulsory motor insurance, clients should click “Buy Online” panel (located in right side of the company website – www.pasha-insurance.az) and proceed with the purchase without visiting a company office. Additionally, clients can visit “Customer Room” panel and check or print their insurance policy. Important to mention, right after the online payment, insurance policy will be considered valid. Those who will get compulsory motor insurance online form PASHA Insurance will benefit from other advantages in future, as well.

PASHA Insurance has been operating in the insurance market since 2006. As a member of PASHA Holding group of companies, PASHA Insurance offers 36 types of compulsory and voluntary insurance services for both individual and corporate customers. PASHA Insurance is the leader and the biggest insurer of the Azerbaijani insurance market for the amount of share capital, volume of insurance premiums and compensated insurance claims and other financial and non-financial indicators.

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PASHA Insurance Company is launching a new campaign in celebration of International Women's Day (8 March)