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Agent’s visit

You can purchase PASHA Insurance policy in any office of the company. If the client does not have time or opportunity to come to PASHA Insurance office, we can offer a service of a visit by the company’s official representative.

An insurance agent will give the full and comprehensive information on the insurance products, insurance rates, additional bonuses and discounts offered by PASHA Insurance, as well as will assist in selecting the optimal insurance program to meet the requirements and financial preferences of the customer.

Should you wish to procure an insurance policy, you can invite PASHA Insurance agent to your home, office, car dealership, country house or any other location of the city. To use this service you will have to call or submit your application online. Calling an insurance agent – is a quick and convenient solution for those who value their time.

Insurance Claims

Пожар на кораблеFire on ship

A fire began in the dark night on the moored ship. The captain’s assistance was the first who smelled that smoke. Urgent alarm made the team to rush and find out the seat of the fire. By the time it became clear that the cause of emergency is defective wire of generator, the fire had covered quite a large area. The team began to extinguish the fire trying on their own before the arrival of fire brigades. However, soon it became clear that without the specialists support it is impossible to handle the fire.

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