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The fire destroyed the furniture

002Owners of private residences are well familiar with the feeling of concern for the safety of their property. Most of all, perhaps, they are afraid of two things - burglars and fire. Huge amounts of money are spent on the installation of fire alarm and fire suppression systems, but sometimes these measures are not enough.

Owners of a small cottage in the town of Guba built their house for several years – the whole amount was too high to pay at once. They have invested all of their available funds to the construction of this house – moreover, they have invested emotionally. Finally, the building was completed. Housewarming was celebrated in August 2011, and exactly a year later – on August 14, 2012 - there was a fire in the house. The owners looked desperately as the fire burned down the results of their efforts over many years. By the time, the firefighters arrived the fire destroyed most of the furniture and interior of the house due to the predominance of wood finishing in the interior. The stone walls of the house did not suffer much, but the house looked demolished.

After the fire was extinguished, the firefighters asked whether the house was insured. Only then the owners remembered that the previous year they purchased insurance policy for private property at PASHA Insurance. Fortunately, the contract was valid for another month. The situation stoped to seem so frustrating after this news. Obviously, there was a need to re-design the house, purchase new furniture, but at least there was no need to collect contributions from relatives and friends – the insurance covered all the expenses.

Process of receiving compensation for the damage turned out even easier than owners of the burnt house could imagine. Less than three months after, on November 1, 2012 PASHA Insurance Company made an insurance payment of over 28,000 manat. These funds helped to quickly restore the damaged house. After this incident, the landlords also decided to use the services of motor insurance to escape unexpected expenses in case of damage, theft or hijacking.

Insurance Claims

Мошенничество в финансовом учрежденииSwindle in financial company

A financial company have prospered for the last years and suddenly faced to some problems. Last audit revealed a shortage. Further, the investigation displayed that the reason for that were fraudulent activities one of the organisation managers, who simply had misappropriated funds. Rumors about it were spread within the company very fast and then it became known outside of company. This news put many people reputation on the line, from customers of a financial company to shareholders and employees. Such kind of situations negatively affect the image and reputation of company.

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