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Fire on a ship

003Fire on the ship moored in the port started late at night. First the shipmate smelled the smoke. Instantly alerted team rushed to search for the source of fire. By the time it became clear that the cause of the fire was generator’s faulty wiring, the fire had already covered quite a large area.

The crew started extinguishing the fire on their own before the arrival of firefighters. However, it soon became clear that without the help of specialists the fire could not be put off. The crew soon successfully reached the shore and started waiting for the arrival of firefighters.

Within 20 minutes six teams arrived at the site of the accident. 42 people participated in extinguishing the fire. Involvement of additional help including fire aviation was considered but the fire was extinguished in two hours.

After the departure of the firefighters, the crew found a disastrous picture – the ship was severely damaged. The Captain was most worried about bringing the news to the owner of the ship but the conversation could not be avoided. The captain called the head of the company, which owned the vessel and reported the accident.

Half an hour later the owner of the ship arrived at the port. The representative of PASHA Insurance Company accompanied him. It turns out that the ship was insured against possible damage, including – damage resulting from fire. Ship-owner purchased insurance for all ships having received a discount and it turned out that insurance costs were not wasted. The crew was relieved - insurance payments would cover the amount of damages. The ship would be repaired. Such foresight of the owners of the vessel resulted in increased respect towards the owners.

Investigations by the experts, which determined the cause of fire, lasted several months. The final ruling confirmed the original suspicion - the fire on the ship was caused due to a faulty electrical line of the generator. Fortunately, this type of risk has been specified in the insurance contract concluded by the ship-owner with PASHA Insurance. The company was compensated for damages by 27 February 2012. The insurance payments amounted to more than half a million manat. This amount covered the repair of the ship, which was launched after some time.

Insurance Claims

Пожар на кораблеFire on ship

A fire began in the dark night on the moored ship. The captain’s assistance was the first who smelled that smoke. Urgent alarm made the team to rush and find out the seat of the fire. By the time it became clear that the cause of emergency is defective wire of generator, the fire had covered quite a large area. The team began to extinguish the fire trying on their own before the arrival of fire brigades. However, soon it became clear that without the specialists support it is impossible to handle the fire.

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