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Сlaims occurrence

In case of car accident:

• Inform the insurer of the accident immediately using the 24/7 hotline for insurance cases.

• Do not move the car from the accident scene and do not leave the scene without coordinating your actions with the Insurance Company representative.

• Call and inform the relevant state authority of the accident.

Claims for coverage of insurance events require submission of the following documents:

• Application of the insured about the insurance accident.

• Original insurance contract (certificate). 

• Documents proving the identity of Insured, a drivers’ license of the person operating the insured vehicle, certificate of registration of insured vehicle (technical passport).

• Document given by the relevant state authority.

• In cases of payment to the third party based on the civil liability contracts, the documents of the third party are also required.

Depending on the circumstances, submission of additional documents might also be required.

There are possible exemptions of submission of above-mentioned documents in accordance with the law.

Insurance cases hotline: (050) 250 83 83
Duty office of TPS: (012) 510 72 80
MIA: 102
MES: 112

Report an insurance claim

Insurance Claims

006Fire destroyed furniture

Uhe house owners know clearly what does mean to work hard to be a homeowner, and to make own house a true home. Mostly, all homeowners are worried about two phenomena – burglars and fire. Many people spend big money for installation of fire alarm and fire-extinguishing system, but sometimes these measures are not enough. One of the cottage owners built his house in Guba during several years – to cover such expenses at once is difficult. The homeowners put their all free money and whole soul into construction of this house. Finally, the house was built. The housewarming party was on August 2011, and one year later the house was burnt down on August 14, 2012.

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