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Individual Insurance

In the modern society every citizen, as a rule, signs up to several programs of individual insurance. Individual insurance is aimed at protecting the interests of an individual at the occurrence of insurance case stipulated in the contract. It constitutes a great part of the entire insurance industry, which includes two main areas - compulsory and voluntary insurance.

Compulsory insurance includes mandatory property insurance and civil liability of car owners. Under the state's initiative, all citizens without exceptions should be protected under these types of insurance.

The decision to join a voluntary insurance can be taken by any policyholder voluntarily. This might be an additional property insurance, auto insurance, as well as travel insurance.

PASHA Insurance specialists are developing and offering our customers an individual insurance program meeting all of the requirements, wishes and capacities of the policyholder.

Insurance Claims

Пожар на кораблеFire on ship

A fire began in the dark night on the moored ship. The captain’s assistance was the first who smelled that smoke. Urgent alarm made the team to rush and find out the seat of the fire. By the time it became clear that the cause of emergency is defective wire of generator, the fire had covered quite a large area. The team began to extinguish the fire trying on their own before the arrival of fire brigades. However, soon it became clear that without the specialists support it is impossible to handle the fire.

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