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Property Insurance

PASHA Insurance Company offers property insurance services for legal entities, as well as for the property under lease, rent, leasing, custody transfer, pledge or for transportation. Insurance covers:

* buildings;
* facilities;
* machinery and equipment;
* measuring and control devices and equipment;
* computers and office equipment;
* tools, production and household inventory;
* vehicles and other machines while they are in the locations specified in the insurance contract;
* products, goods, raw materials and other goods and materials;
* interior decoration and furniture.

Property Insurance in PASHA Insurance involves an individual approach to each customer, use of a flexible system for rates and franchises.

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Insurance Claims

001Successful rehabilitation

In generally people do not think about what can be happened with him, that he can became a victim of an accident. However, the life is full of surprises, and modern life dictates its own terms. People spend a lot of time for travelling, transportation, including dangerous transport, performing works with high risk for their health and life as well as engaged in hazardous sport activities. In some cases the possibility to get trauma or injure is very high. For this reason it is very important to foresee the options to compensate accident damages. Life can be as fragile as it is precious.

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