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Liability Insurance

The general idea of liability insurance is to cover expenses for damages caused accidentally by the insured to third parties. The purpose of liability insurance is to protect financial interests of the insured in case of an emergency.

PASHA Insurance Company offers customers the following types of liability insurance, which are in demand:

* General liability insurance;
* Professional liability insurance;
* Employer's liability insurance.

General liability insurance includes damages as a result of activities performed by the insured and covers risks associated with the type of activity performed.

Professional liability insurance is to cover the risks associated with poor service delivery as a result of professional error.

Employer’s responsibility is the commitment to an employee (and employee’s heirs) to pay compensation in case of death, disability, injury or other harm to the health during the performance of his duties due to the employer's fault.

The advantage of signing a contract of liability insurance in PASHA Insurance is that the insurance company will not only reimburse damages, compensate litigation fees and other costs incurred in settlement of claims, but in the cases provided in the insurance contract will settle directly claims of third parties, without insured’s involvement.

Insurance Claims

Пожар на кораблеFire on ship

A fire began in the dark night on the moored ship. The captain’s assistance was the first who smelled that smoke. Urgent alarm made the team to rush and find out the seat of the fire. By the time it became clear that the cause of emergency is defective wire of generator, the fire had covered quite a large area. The team began to extinguish the fire trying on their own before the arrival of fire brigades. However, soon it became clear that without the specialists support it is impossible to handle the fire.

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