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Company and Social Activity

Pasha ins slide10Taking into account that the transport management system of Baku city is currently experiencing the transition period and as a result of that violation of traffic rules by drivers as not giving way to pedestrians on zebra crossings frequently occurs, the leader of insurance market - PASHA Insurance together with State Traffic Police Department (STPD) started a social project named “Exemplary driver” as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Within the frames of the project “Exemplary drivers” will be registered by the STPD and will be issued with the “gratitude” letters to be delivered to their home addresses. This letters will give additional benefits for owners to take advantages of 10% discount on voluntary insurance products of the company. The captured photos of “exemplary drivers” will be placed in the official web page of the projecthttps://www.facebook.com/Numunevisurucu and will serve as an incentive for other social media users too. Information on the project will be enlightened on one of the local TV channels.

PASHA Insurance as a leader of the insurance market acknowledges the responsibility of being a part of the social environment of Azerbaijan Republic and aims to continue the social projects on improvement of the mentioned social environment. It worth mentioning that is it not the only project realized by the PASHA Insurance and it is the integral part of its policy to continue realization of similar projects in the future.

24PASHA Insurance Company participates actively in the social life of Azerbaijan, in the development of culture and sports in the country through implementation of charity programs, as well as through sponsorship programs and philanthropy.

One of the most striking examples of assistance in the development of national sports is the company’s support to Azerbaijan's football movement. Since 2010 PASHA Insurance is the official sponsor and partner of the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan.

Insurance Claims

Мошенничество в финансовом учрежденииSwindle in financial company

A financial company have prospered for the last years and suddenly faced to some problems. Last audit revealed a shortage. Further, the investigation displayed that the reason for that were fraudulent activities one of the organisation managers, who simply had misappropriated funds. Rumors about it were spread within the company very fast and then it became known outside of company. This news put many people reputation on the line, from customers of a financial company to shareholders and employees. Such kind of situations negatively affect the image and reputation of company.

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