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Successful rehabilitation/recovery

001As a rule, a person tries not to think about possibility of becoming a victim of an accident. However, the modern pace of life dictates its own terms - people spend a lot of time on the road, including using potentially dangerous modes of transport, do work possessing risk to health and life, and engage in extreme sports activities. In some cases, the likelihood of injury or disability increases significantly and it is important to plan for expenses related to accidents through compensation for damages.

In March 2012, on his usual drive home from work while operating his own car, a young employee of a Research Institute got into a serious car accident. The car could not be repaired; the driver was taken to a nearby hospital in serious condition with a diagnosis of "severe closed traumatic brain injury, subdural hematoma, displaced fracture of the hip bones." On the same day this young man was transferred from the emergency department to a private clinic. After two weeks of medical care in the intensive care unit, when the threat to his life has passed, it became clear that complete recovery is only possible after a series of operations and expensive rehabilitation. The total cost of treatment was more than 24,000 manat. It was not clear where this young man, a recent graduate of university will find this money.

However, it turned out that the management of the company of the injured worker had a contract with PASHA Insurance Company about voluntary corporate medical insurance for all of its employees. Such planning ahead of the employer literally saved the young specialist from disability for life. PASHA Insurance covered the medical expenses in the amount of almost 25,000 manat. The young man gradually started recovery process.

Insurance Claims

006Fire destroyed furniture

Uhe house owners know clearly what does mean to work hard to be a homeowner, and to make own house a true home. Mostly, all homeowners are worried about two phenomena – burglars and fire. Many people spend big money for installation of fire alarm and fire-extinguishing system, but sometimes these measures are not enough. One of the cottage owners built his house in Guba during several years – to cover such expenses at once is difficult. The homeowners put their all free money and whole soul into construction of this house. Finally, the house was built. The housewarming party was on August 2011, and one year later the house was burnt down on August 14, 2012.

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