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Business Approach

The milestone of PASHA Insurance’s operational philosophy is the idea of maximum satisfaction of the requirements of both corporate and individual customers. Reaching this goal was possible due to optimization of the operational processes and high-level professionalism of implementers.

For PASHA Insurance Company the key to successful promotion of its insurance products is timely and accurate identification of the client's needs within the context of the developing national economy. Qualified professionals - employees of PASHA Insurance – conduct non-stop monitoring of the situation on the insurance market and offer customers and partner the most needed and cost-effective solutions. The main purpose of the insurance company is observing the best interests of all sides of the business process.

Working in PASHA Insurance Company is an opportunity for professional growth and development. PASHA Insurance management attaches a special attention to training need of its employees. The company is directly interested to see its staff as top rated specialists, and provides them with the opportunities for training and professional development.

Insurance market constantly requires improvement of skills and knowledge on the latest industry trends. That is the rational for holding regular training courses for employees of the insurance company and create broader opportunities for their professional growth.

Insurance Claims

Мошенничество в финансовом учрежденииSwindle in financial company

A financial company have prospered for the last years and suddenly faced to some problems. Last audit revealed a shortage. Further, the investigation displayed that the reason for that were fraudulent activities one of the organisation managers, who simply had misappropriated funds. Rumors about it were spread within the company very fast and then it became known outside of company. This news put many people reputation on the line, from customers of a financial company to shareholders and employees. Such kind of situations negatively affect the image and reputation of company.

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