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Crushed truck

004September 10, 2009 will be long remembered by the chauffeur of Mercedes-Benz Axor. A construction company owned his truck. The driver was driving his regular daily route. Car, despite its size, was quite agile and carried a good helm, so driving it was pleasant. However, while crossing A. Radjabli Street, the driver heard a loud bang and noticed that the truck was sliding – it seemed like a tire exploded. All attempts of the driver with 35 years of experience were failing; the car was rapidly sliding towards a lamp pole.

The driver lost consciousness after a strong impact. As he regained consciousness after a few minutes, he realized two things - first, he was alive and not seriously injured, and secondly, the car was severely damaged and the repair would not be cheap. Meanwhile, the accident scene attracted more and more observers. The sound of police and ambulance sirens were heard in the distance. By-passers shook their heads asking if any help was needed. Still, the driver was only concerned about repairing the truck. Mercedes-Benz Axor belonged to the company, and the driver feeling his responsibility for the accident was determined to reimburse the loss for albeit unintentional damage. He decided that he would have to sell his country house. Some neighbors were asking and the price offered for the house was reasonable. Back then the man flatly refused – he loved the house and would not imagine giving up his property. But now he had to make this undesirable step to compensate for the damaged truck.

While the driver had these sad thoughts the fleet manager called to ask why the truck has been so late to the garage. He reacted calmly to the accident, asked extensively if the driver had any injuries. Seemed like the condition of the truck did not bother him much. The driver realized the reason for this attitude just a bit later – this truck, like the rest of the fleet was insured. PASHA Insurance Company offered discounts and bonuses for each additional vehicle and the management decided to sign contracts for the entire fleet. It turned out to be a wise and a step ahead decision as seeking funds for costly repair is much harder. On this particular occasion Pasha Insurance has issued an insurance payment up to 35,000 manat. The car was successfully repaired and returned to the organization’s fleet.

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Разбитый грузовикCrushed truck

September 10, 2009. Mercedes-Benz Axor truck driver will never forget that day. The truck belonged to Construction Company. He drove the truck on his usual route. Despite the truck size it was quite agile and perfectly managed. To drive this truck was a great pleasure. However, passing A.Rajabli street driver heard loud clap and felt that truck swerve – it seems tire blew out. But all drivers attempt to avoid the swerve were unsuccessful in spite of his 35 years experience. The truck swiftly flew straight on a lamp post.

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