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Over the years of operation in the insurance market PASHA Insurance established excellent partnership relations with many organizations and companies working both in the Republic of Azerbaijan and abroad. The management of PASHA Insurance gives great importance to the establishment of long-term relations with its partners, considering customers the most valuable intangible assets of the company. Many world known brands are among PASHA Insurance customers, but the company values each partner, regardless of the value of its charter capital and the level of its recognition on the market.

PASHA Insurance develops solutions for all kinds of business and social activities. Representatives of different sectors of economy are customers of the Company ranging from oil/gas and construction to financial and medical. However, even with a stable, proven business relations for years, PASHA Insurance is still open to new partnerships and always ready for dialogue with the potential customers.

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Insurance Claims

001Car insurance to keep peace of mind

Buying a car, whether it's a first-time purchase or not, brings you outstanding feeling. But buying a luxury car is a special great pleasure. The most car owners are really enjoying the purchase because they have no threat to loss the money spent for a car. The road is full of surprises. Everybody can be involved in accident, even professional driver. For this reason, getting insurance right after car purchase can help you protect your health and money. It is wise decision. And this is what exactly Audi Q5 customer did in the car sales centre. He received reliable insurance policy for his car.

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